Local Man to Caddy for Hubert Green at Augusta

Panama City Beach, FL---Wednesday is going to be a rather big day indeed for a lifelong golf fan in Panama City Beach.

Robbie Willis, the Hombre Golf Club's Director of Golf will live out quite a dream when he gets the chance to caddie for two time major champion Hubert Green at the Masters Par-3 tournament! Let's begin that story by how those two came to know each other.

"When I first started at the Hombre," says Willis "Hubert was the touring pro for the Senior Tour, for the Hombre Golf Club. And the office that I had inside was where Hubert kept his hats and clubs and things like that. You could almost say we shared an office, but it was his office, I was just occupying time."

And over the years, a relationship of sorts grew between the men. Hubert lives up in Birmingham now, but he occasionally comes back to P.C. Beach.

A couple of months ago they talked, and the topic of the Masters Par 3 tourney came up!

"I Was talking to him, and he mentioned he might need a caddie and would I be interested, and I said in a New York second. So it was about two weeks later and he asked me if I was in shape and I said yes sir, I'm ready, whatever it takes."

So come Wednesday around midday eastern, Robbie will wearing the tradition white caddie's jumpsuit and he'll be carrying the bag for Green at famed Augusta National, with millions tuning in live on national tv and online. Pretty nerve wracking stuff

"Yeah I've got guys that are going up with me that are just waiting for me to fall, slip. There is a lot of people that are gonna be there, I'm gonna be very nervous, I know that."

Still just stay with the rules of the game, the etiquette of golf, which Robbie knows all too well, and he'll be just fine....right?

"No autographs, no pictures, don't do anything to embarrass him, much less myself." Willis says. " I told him...I said Hubert anything I've got to do, I'll do. If you hit a hole in one, I'll jump in the lake. First thing he said "no you won't". So I'll be very well behaved.

Hubert, and Robbie tee off just after midday alongside Fuzzy and U.S. Amateur runner up Mike Weaver.