Local Sailing Team Leads The Way At International Event

Bangor, N. Ireland---It was another good day on the water off Northern Ireland for the sailing duo of Rutherford alum Taylor Reiss and Mosley alum Matthew Whitehead.

In fact that team now leads the 57 boat contingent at the F18 World Championship!

Four races run Wednesday with the local team racking up a 5th, two 2nds, and a 1st place finish, leaving the locals with a total of 35 points. That after dropping their worst finish of the 9 races run so far.

A Dutch team now in second with a net of 39 points, and a team from France is third with a net of 47.

Four races remain, with the official site listing one set for Thursday and three on Friday.

Reiss and Whitehead representing their Alma maters, our area and in particular, the St. Andrews Bay Yacht Club, where they both spent quite of bit of time learning the sport.

Them leading the competition there begs the question, when is the last time, if ever, a Bay countian has won a true international championship?