Local charter captain Greg Burnett talks about having Florida Governor Rick Scott on board his boat Tuesday.

Panama City Beach, FL--Talk about a rather huge promotional boost. That's what the recreational fishing industry in our region received
Tuesday as Florida Governor Rick Scott and his entire cabinet spent Tuesday afternoon fishing in St. Andrews Bay. They hired 4 charter boats, captains Bucky Weaver, Steve Jacobs, Terry McGowan and Greg Burnett. Governor Scott fishing aboard Burnett's boat Osprey, and you can see they had plenty of success, in fact wound up tossing most of the fish back because they were simply too big!

(Governor Scott)
"Yeah, yeah that is awesome what a beast. "
That opportunity don't come around too often, I've never had it, so we jumped on it. It was real fun, real neat, a cool opportunity, and excited about it, but then once you get down to that point where you're actually taking him out the pressure was on so, but he, the governor pitched out the bait on the first spot we stopped on and got a bite immediately and that was the biggest fish of the day so I don't know how you can ask for anything better than that."

Greg went on to say it was great having the Governor and his cabinet fishing here, showing folks everywhere how good the fishing is, and how easy it can be to land the big one.