"Lynn Haven Beach" Tests Mosley Football Players

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Lynn Haven, FL---The start of high school spring football is right around the corner, and that means for many, a transition from beach time to time on the field.

Actually for a group of Mosley players, their move from the beach to the practice field won't be that much of a transition.

You see the Dolphins have a private beach of their own.

It's a beach you don't book any spring break trips to, unless you're up for the workout of your life.

For the weak, time in the sand pit is too tough. For the comfortable, this isn't worth it. For the Mosley Dolphins, this is just another day at the beach.

"We call what's behind me the Lynn Haven Beach." Mosley head football coach Jeremy Brown told us while standing in front of his practice field sand pit. "We try to do all our agility, speed training, everything we can do in the pit at the beach, we try to do it. It builds toughness. We take pride in it. The kids know when they get in there they better be busting their tail. The only rule we have is you can't throw up in the pit. You have to throw up outside the pit. We get some of that every now and then too."

It's nuts to think the players are working like this with the season over four months away when actually, they've been going this hard since November.

"Always pushing as hard as we can go." says Trey Trzaska, a
Mosley tight end. "We've been at it since about two weeks after the season ended. When you know the person next to you is going a hundred percent then you can always trust them. It just makes you real excited for what we're gonna do on the field this year."

But success doesn't come to the wishers and dreamers. It's earned by the fighters.

"Your actions have to meet your goals." says coach Brown. "If you want to be a playoff team, then you have to put in a playoff effort. You see 50-60 kids out here in April, they could be a lot of other places, none of this is mandatory."

So if you don't have to be out under a hot sun, running plays without a football, going to war against your teammates, just relax. There's plenty of time before the season starts.

"No this is definitely where I need to be." Trzaska says. "I know this is gonna make me better more than going home, sitting around. Just working hard, with my friends, with my brothers, just getting better at life."

The Dolphins and other area teams open spring football practice May 1st.