Lynn Haven Wildcats win second game at AAU Nationals

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ORLANDO, Fla-The Lynn Haven Wildcats went into Saturday's game in the A-A-U Division II National championships 1-0 looking to get win number 2 pool play. They did just that.

They pick up another win Saturday morning against the Memphis Hornets 74-70. That makes the Wildcats 2-0 in their four team pool, there are 116 teams playing in the 8th grade Division II championship pools, the top two from each pool make it into the championship bracket play.

"Tough competition I can tell you that," Head Coach Howard Steele said. "We've just been out scraping them. We;ve got a little bit of depth. More than we had last season. We can hang in there with them and balance. Because we basically have got out in front of them with the first team. We've been able to sustain the lead and stay in front of them you know."

The Wildcats will play to win their pool Sunday morning at 10 against the United Celtics.

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