Malone Hoopsters Take Their Mark to 19-2

Cottondale, FL---Malone continues to be one of the dominant boy's basketball teams in our region. A performance at Cottondale Friday certainly adding to the accolades, as they got a 88-55 win.

Ty Baker the leading scorer with 33 points, Chai Baker adding 26 for the Tigers who are now 19-2 on the season.

The attached video shows the following:

Tigers in blue, getting another big night out of Ty Baker, here he takes the long outlet from Anthony Speights, perhaps thought about the dunk, but winds up with the bucket and one.

Cottondale's Jerod Blount counters that with 12 footer, gets the bounce and the freebie.

The Tigers though just too fast and furious, Antwan Johnson rebounds, throws deep for Baker who this time gets the one handed slam.

Then Ty shows the nice turnaround jump shot.