Malzahn Speaks at SEC Media Days for First Time

Hoover, AL---Wednesday day two of the three days of the SEC Media Days, and the Auburn Tigers were among the four programs making their appearances in Hoover.

That meant the first Media Days appearance for new Tigers head coach Gus Malzahn, who says he's very pleased with how his team handled spring, and how the fans have reacted to his program, despite last years 3-9 record.

"I've said this before but I really believe we have the best fans in college football." Malzahn told the media in Hoover. "For them to rally and have 83 thousand plus at our spring game, and going through a season like they went through. It says a lot about the Auburn family. And families rally through adversity. What they did it gave a shot in the arm to coaches and players, and really gave us some momentum going into this season."

Malzahn also Wednesday blasting the idea put forth by league coaches like Saban and Beilema who want to change the rules to slow down fast paced offenses, citing player injuries.

Gus said when he first heard that line of thinking he thought it was a joke. He says the rules need to do something instead about defensive players faking injuries to slow down "hurry up" offenses.