Malzahn and Auburn Set to Host Arkansas State

Auburn, AL---With FSU and Alabama taking this weekend off, the Gators and Auburn own the spotlight Saturday in the eyes of fans in our region.

The Tigers looking to start the season 2-0, and expect to get there as they host Arkansas State, though it did put up 62 last week in it's opening win against Arkansas Pine Bluff.

And by the way, Arkansas State's the team Gus Malzahn coached last season to a 9-3 record, so he is rather familiar with the players he's about to coach against.

"You know personally I care for a lot of their players." says Malzahn. "Their administration was great to me while I was there, it was a very good experience. And very grateful to the opportunity they gave me. Professionally you've got to flip the switch and once the game starts you've got to do everything in your power to help your team win and we'll definitely do that."

That game on the Plains set for 6:45 central, Tigers favored by ten.