Manuel Talks About ACC Opener

Tallahassee, FL--Are the Florida State Seminoles ready for an opponent on a more level footing so to speak? The answer to that will begin to come Saturday when FSU opens ACC play by hosting Wake!

So far for the Seminoles, two games against much lesser competition, Murray State and Savannah State, and two blowout wins.

Both those games providing little suspense, and for that matter, little chance for FSU to be tested. So there remain some questions as to how good the Seminoles may be.

Those easy victories though, beyond being guaranteed, do have some advantages, so says senior quarterback EJ Manuel.

"I probably ran three percent of the playbook in those games so it might pose a tough week for Wake Forest to prepare for all we can do, as an offense. And it just gave the guys the confidence that they need going into a third game, this ACC game for us. So I would just say it's a confidence booster."

That game at Doak Saturday set for noon eastern. Florida State currently a four touchdown favorite.