Manuel Talks About Visiting the Swamp

Tallahassee, FL--It's the state rivalry game that doesn't have a cool nickname like the "Iron Bowl" or "Bedlam" Specifically it's the Florida State-Florida game set for Saturday, which certainly lacks the drama of any national significance, but for EJ Manuel, who's making his second trip to the Swamp as a player, well he's still into it! "I'm looking forward to it. Now I feel, what was it two years ago, now I'm two years older, I'm not injured as far as my right shoulder being hurt. It was crazy it was one of those things that was kind of surreal because two years before I was watching them on tv, having great games and things like that watching the Florida State-Florida rivalry. Now I was actually in it. It was kind of surreal but at the same time you can't let the moment be you know actually bigger than it is. It's still a football game with just 22 guys on the field at the same time so I'm looking foward to it. They're a great team and I think it will be a good time for us to get some respect back and get a good taste back in our mouths.

The bad taste that lingers is last Saturday's loss to Virginia, the Seminoles giving up the lead with just over a minute to go, Hopkins then missing a game winning field goal in the final seconds. That game in the Swamp Saturday night set for 7 eastern.