Marianna shocks top seed Arnold in their soccer district semifinal Wednesday.

Panama City, FL--The second of the two district semi's in 3A-1 had top seed Arnold taking on Marianna, which before Monday had never won a district tourney match before. The Marlins with plenty of shots on goal, early on the cross by Arnold's Landon White and Luke Mitchell barely misses. Then midway through the first half, the Dog's draw first blood, Arnold trying to clear, but it hits #11Paul Gochenaur, who then launches it and gets it over the outstretched hand of Manny Paravolos. Marianna holds that lead through the half, and then Zac Davis withstands a barrage of shots on goal, this one by Riley Newton, who just barely misses. Then in the final minute, Marianna gets this breakaway, Josh Murphy tires to clear it but it hits Cody Barfield who then cruises in for Marianna's second goal and it ends two zip. So it's the Bulldogs moving on to face Bay Friday in the final.