Marlins Dropped by Memorial Monday

Panama City Beach, FL---Arnold winds up with one win and two losses in it's Marlins Christmas Classic hoops tournament.

The Marlins taking the second of those two losses Monday afternoon, falling to a Memorial team out of Texas.

The Mustangs took an early lead by starting the game on a 14-2 run and never looked back, winning the game by a final of 62-38.

The loss drops Arnold's overall record on the season to 6-8.

The attached video shows the following:

-Simply put, it was not a good first half for the Marlins, Memorial in red jumping out to the big lead, the Mustangs go inside here to Will Alford.

-Then it's outside to #1 Bryan Blum for three more. quick 15 point Memorial lead.

-The shooting touch for the fish, just a bit tougher to find. This is one possession for Arnold, and it's good in terms of offensive rebounding, bad in terms of points. All three shots miss badly.

-Eventually though Cody Harris does find the bottom of the net for three, still the Marlins unable to dig out of the early hole,
they fall 62-38, finish 1-2 in the tourney, and are now 6-8 overall.