Marlins Get Set for Opener at Pace

Panama City Beach, FL--- It's a rather big understatement to say high school football coaches in the area are happy to see the sun in the afternoon. That allows them to be on the field getting set for their first
regular season games, which take place for most teams, Friday.

Nobody is happier to be on the field than Arnold, which has lost as much time outside as anybody in the region, given their practice field takes several days of sunlight to dry out.

In fact Wednesday coach Hale and his Marlins on the soccer practice field, as they prep for Friday's trip to Pace.

"We've been outside three times, the whole fall camp, three times." coach Hale told us. "Last Thursday night was the third time we hit and hopefully that's an indication that we'll get better, if we can stay healthy, I'm hoping so. But I know the kids were excited getting out there and playing. If we can keep that excitement and enthusiasm I think we can be competitive with certain teams. And we just gotta stay healthy.

Hale and his guys coming off a 13-7 win in a half of play over Choctaw. Thursday in that preseason game. The coach's
assessment of that.

"If you watched the game you'd think we played really well on the offensive line. You go back and watch the film you see that we made the wrong steps, get the head across, stop penetration a couple of times. Every time you play really well, you go watch the film and find out you didn't play quite as well as you thought. The same thing when you play pretty poorly, you played a little better than you think. And they've learned from it, and now we got a great opportunity to play a great football team in Pace."

That game set for 7:30 Friday night at Pace.