Marlins Prepare for Long Road Trip

Panama City Beach, FL--The Arnold Marlins also preparing for a rare road trip that involves an overnight stay. Arnold plays Satellite down on the east coast of central Florida Friday night.

The Marlins celebrating a big win this past Friday over county and district rival Rutherford, outlasting the Rams in a 10-7 defensive struggle.

"I was just extremely proud of the way our defense played.' says Arnold head coach James Hale. "The way we prepared for two weeks. You know to come out and play every snap hard, both sides of the ball played really hard and it went down to the last few plays of the game. Either team could have won. I am just extremely happy that we are the team that won that football game. We had two weeks to get ready for them, that helped us a lot. And the kids mentally, the mental part of the game was like it needs to be. We haven't been real consistent this week which concerns me. When we're not very consistent, we're not very good, but when we get focuses and do the right things, the little things we can play with just about anybody. But when we don't we're not a very good football team."

The Marlins leave for Brevard county Thursday, and play at Satellite, just south of Cocoa Beach Friday night.

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