Marlins Win Four Team Weightlifting Meet

Panama City Beach, FL--- Many prep softball and baseball teams having their games postponed the last several nights because of all the wet weather and flooded fields, no such problems for the boy's weightlifting teams of Mosley, Bozeman, North Bay Haven and Arnold.

The latter hosting a four team meet Monday evening. The home team going on to win 7 of ten weight classes, and thus taking the quad meet by racking up a total of 76 points, Mosley was second with 47.

The attached video shows the following:

Mosley heavyweight Ben Morrisey on the bench, lifting 305 pounds here.

Then it's Arnold senior Colby Baker, fresh off that visit to state as a wrestler, the 139 pounder lifts 235 there.

Bozeman represented here by David McKee, he in the 183 pound class, this a successful lift of 245 pounds.