Marlins Win Sub Sectional Qualifiers

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Panama City Beach, FL---At Arnold High School Monday afternoon, local weightlifting teams were celebrating their spring breaks a little differently than their fellow classmates.

They were pumping serious iron at the area's sub sectional qualifier.

Four schools taking part in the action.

First event, the bench press.

In the highlights attached above, Arnold's Zach Riley in the 183 class going for 325, and he get's it easy.

Then, the heavyweights. Bay's Steven Sain going for 345, giving it the full effort, never quitting, gets it.

Up next is the clean and jerk. Still with the big boys, North Bay Haven's Shea Snelgrove goes for 225 and comes up with the successful lift.

Moving down to the 154 weight class, Rutherford's Jordan Young makes 165 look so simple.

The event's big winner though, are the host Marlins. Their star Danny Anderson gets the successful attempt at 240.

Arnold wins it with 62 points, followed by NBH in 2nd with 41, Bay in 3rd with 39, and Rutherford 4th with 5.