Marlowe Continues to Shine at Liberty

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Bristol, FL--Anyone who's watched a Liberty football game recently, well you have definitely noticed number 5!

That's senior Alex Marlowe, who continues to put up big plays and big numbers.

And all that means this student-athlete has a bright future in front of him!

Standing at 5-11, 175 pounds, Alex Marlowe is never going to be the biggest guy on the field. If you ask him, he'll say he is not the fastest either!

"I have to beat the defenders in my own way really." says Marlowe. "Just take different cuts and make straighter cuts because I'm not as quick as those guys..."

That lack of speed hasn't hurt though, through 4 games this season,

In just 4 games he's already racked up 12 touchdowns. It's evident what Alex may lack in raw talent, he more than makes up for with discipline and hard work.

"He works extremely hard." says Liberty head coach Grant Grantham. "He is a 3 sport athlete at the high school. He runs track, he plays basketball and football obviously"

So obviously the cross-training helps big time, Marlowe agrees with that thinking.

"Basketball, it's nothing but footwork and hands so it helps me on the run game and the passing game"

Alex has talked to coaches from dee one like Troy, Kentucky and even Northwestern. If he had his choice, he would like to stay close to home...In fact just down the street so to speak...

"I'd probably go to Florida State. Stay close to home."

Alex and his fans certainly hope Jimbo Fisher's listening.
Liberty hits the road to Vernon Friday looking to take their record to 3-2.

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