Martin's Jersey Retired by Chipola

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Marianna, FL---Chipola college possess a history few if any Juco's can compete with in the country. The same goes for their alumni. As many major leaguers as they've produced, only Buck Showalter and Jose Bautista had have their numbers retired by the team.

They were joined by a third member on Saturday, three-time All Star and Pittsburgh Pirates catcher Russell Martin. The former Indian's number 12 will never be given to another player again.

While Martin isn't one for individual honors, he's humbled by his school's gift and credits his teammates back from his Marianna days.

"I'm never really comfortable with being recognized for things that I'm doing," said Martin. "I feel like baseball is a team sport. And in a team sport the team is recognized. It's not about personal statistics or goals, or achievements, it's about what the team can do. So when something is given to me, it's the whole team that benefits and the whole program. It is my jersey, but at the same time, without the teammates that I had back then, I wouldn't have been able to do what I've done so far."