Michael Papajohn talks about his journey from the Gulf Coast baseball diamond to Hollywood

Panama City, FL--Michael Papajohn has taken his talents from the baseball diamond at Gulf Coast, all the way to Hollywood.

Papajohn played baseball at Gulf Coast for Bill Frazier in the mid 80's. "Bill, he was more of a coach, he treated you like a big leaguer you know like when you played with him he talked to you like you were in the big leagues, so he didn't have to say a whole lot to get the word across"

And that kind of coaching, along with his talents led Papajohn to a scholarship at LSU, he played on that school's first ever College World Series team. Being in Baton Rouge led to Michael's entree into the movie world!

"They were looking for senior athletes that were finished with their eligibility, to be football players in a movie called "Everybody's All American," Papajohn added. "One day at practice they were looking for people, they said anybody that takes hits or delivers hits, can make more money. And I said I want to make a little more cash because I think I had 11 dollars in my checking account."

Because he was athletic, able to take, and deliver a hit, Mike was a natural as a stuntman. He moved to Hollywood and his career flourished, both as a stuntman and now more as an actor. He was especially suited for roles in sports movies like Mr. Baseball, For the Love of the Game and the remake of the Longest Yard! That was actually the second time he worked with Adam Sandler.

"Adam Sandler in "The Waterboy," I'm super proud of that film," Papajohn said. "But I had to run like Bobby Boucher, and Bobby Boucher doesn't run athletic. Me and Adam Sandler worked on his run for three or four days."

Now after more than two decades in the movie biz,he calls it a great way of life, and would encourage others to think about getting in, so much so he's willing to help young acting wannabe's break in with an action actor's

"So I said you know what I'm going to do, I'm going to do an event where I bring in an expert Hollywood panel, to New Orleans, people that have been in the industry for 20 or 30 years, some of the top income earners in their field and have a panel and show, teach, guide people to do what I've done," added Papajohn.

In the movies he's been Killed by Spiderman, shot by Bruce Willis, and kicked around by Cameron Diaz! A pretty cool career.

Click on Michaelpapajohn.com for more info on the actors academy in June.

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