Moore Confident Saban Staying Put

Tuscaloosa, AL---If you listen to Alabama's A.D. there isn't too much reason to worry in terms of the future of that football program's head coach.

Alabama Athletic Director Mal Moore telling "TideNation" he's confident Nick Saban is not going to bolt Tuscaloosa to take a job in the NFL.

Moore says he bases that confidence on conversations he and Saban have had in recent days.

That as speculation swirls about Saban becoming a candidate for the Cleveland Browns job if that opens up in a few weeks.

Moore knows how Saban views the pro game and doesn't believe it's a place he'll return without a drastic change of heart.

Moore saying quote "He's expressed to me on several occasions ... that he's happy here. He feels very comfortable, and I believe him." unquote.

Monday Saban told a Miami radio show he enjoys coaching at Alabama saying "I really enjoy what I'm doing here right now. I'm getting. I don't think we've got too many moves left in us. ... Hopefully I'll be able to stay here for a long, long time."

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