Mosley Confident As End of Season Approaches

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Lynn Haven, FL-- Baseball is a simple game when you get down to it, nine players on the field and one person that is trying to hit it away from them.

And if you ask Mosley High School Head Coach Todd Harless, he'd say they are playing pretty well,

"I think our team batting average is like .390 which is just scary good. The reason it's scary good is because you can't stay that way the whole time."

Brady Bell's a catalyst for the Dolphins' offense this year, batting .518 with four triples and 17 RBI, and listening to him, it's easy to understand how,

"Be confident and just relax. Relax up at the plate."

And Bell's confidence extends beyond the plate,

"If we're on our game I don't feel like anyone can beat us. Especially with three great pitchers."

Three great pitchers might be an understatement, with a combined record of 19-1, it's a pitching staff loaded with talent.

Coach Harless explains why,

"The biggest thing we talk about with our pitching staff is compete. If we call it inside, throw it inside, if we call it outside, throw it outside. If you fill up the strike zone in high school, with a good defense, you're going to be successful. And that's what these guys have taken and ran with it.

And the players took Coach Harless' advice in the most literal sense. I learned that when I asked Austin Bizzle about his favorite pitch,

Me: "What's your go to pitch?"

Bizzle: "Uh, a strike."

Austin Bizzle's business like approach and Brady Bell's confidence certainly has this team dreaming big, just ask another one of their aces, Andrew Deramo,

"I'm hoping we can get all the way there. A Final Four would be nice, a Championship win would be even better."

Now the Dolphins host county rival Rutherford (14-5) Friday night. The first of two between these teams over the next 8 days.