Mosley Falls 4-1 in Region Final

Panama City Beach, FL---The season for the Mosley girl's soccer team has come to an end. That end coming in the 3A Region Finals against Ponte Vedra, 4-1 the final Monday night.

The Lady Dolphins began the match, pushed back to Monday night by the severe weather in our region last week, on a good note. The Lady Dolphins scored around the 10 minute mark with Steve-Marie Mullins passed the ball in, that ball caught at first by the Ponte Vedra goalie, but she couldn't hang on to it, and Elizabeth Vickers was there to slam it home.

The Lady Sharks though tied it just 3 minutes later on a shot that keeper Mariah Rhinehart seemed to have a bead on but she couldn't hang on to it, and Delaney Borror was there to kick it towards a relatively open goal. A Mosley defender did get back to get a foot on it, but that just deflected it into the goal.

Ponte Vedra would add two more goals late in the half, and one more in the second half for the final 4-1 margin.

The loss ends Mosley's season at 13-2-2.

The attached video shows the following:

Good start for the Lady Dolphins, scoreless around the 10 minute mark, pass in by Steve Marie Mullins, Sharks keeper can't hold on to it and Elizabeth Vickers makes her pay, that gives Mosley the 1-0 lead.

Ponte Vedra comes right back though just three minutes later, working the far side, the ball fed towards the front of the Mosley goal, Mariah Rhinehart can't pull it in, and the Sharks' Delaney Borror drills it off a Mosley defender and that ties the match at one.

Mosley would have a few opportunities later in the half but were unable to cash in, Ponte Vedra meanwhile would get two goals late in the half, and then another in the second half, and it ends 4-1.

Mosley a great season but it ends in the region finals, their record winds up at 13-2-2.