Mosley Football Drops Down to 5A

Lynn Haven, FL---There's good news on the Mosley football front, at least in terms of what class the Dolphins will compete in over the next two years.

Because of the school's population, which is over 15 hundred, Mosley was a 6-A school lumped in with the likes of Choctaw, Fort Walton Beach, Niceville Navarre and Tate in this region.

Mosley appealed that classification, asking to be dropped down to the 5-A class and Thursday that appeal was granted. Mosley Athletic Director Danny Nagy told us why they appealed that 6A classification.

"You can appeal if you are within ten percent of whatever the cutoff is, which we were, between five and six-a. And they do that because we feel like geographically it's more cost effective for you to move down then there's a reason for you to request to go down in classification."

So Mosley goes from a 6-A district that included Fort Walton and Choctaw, down to a 5A district that's yet to be decided, but more than likely will include county rivals Rutherford, Bay and Arnold, along with one or two Pensacola area teams. Nagy says that's big for a variety of reasons.

"We should only have to travel one time, unless they move more teams in to 5A which I'm not sure if they will or not. We haven't got the final word on that. But to me the biggest upside is all of our county rivalry games become even bigger. I think that's gonna be a big thing for our county because that's gonna make the games versus Rutherford, Bay and Arnold not just for the county championship, but they're going to have district implications. And I think that's a great thing, we should be able to bring more people into those games."

More people at the games, more money through concessions, more money in the school's overall athletic budget, and that would certainly seem to be a plus for everybody.