Mosley Nearing End of Fall Camp

Lynn Haven, FL-- Mosley, coach Perry Brown and his troops are winding down camp and now looking ahead to getting "under the lights".

The Dolphins, like everyone else, dealing with reduced time outside these last three weeks, but coach Brown says the work the kids have put in so far, has been pretty productive.

"You know the kids, it's a great bunch of kids to coach they're getting after it good." says coach Brown. "They're paying attention, we've got a bunch of young kids, first time seniors and that kind of stuff. The practices have been good. We've probably only been on the football field four or five times with all this rain and bad weather."

And that begs the question, does he feel a bit more stress in terms of needing to accomplish certain things against Rutherford tomorrow night in their preseason game?

"You know I mean it's Rutherford and you got the deal with the county thing, but we're gonna be looking at a lot of kids. And we're gonna try to run a lot of our different plays. It's gonna be different from our regular ball game. We're not just gonna get in on one thing that might be working, and stick with it. We want to see all our other plays and see what we want to correct going into our actual game week next week."

That game Friday between the Dolphins and Rams set for 7 o'clock at Tommy Oliver.