Mosley Softball Team Set for First Ever Region Final

Lynn Haven, FL---Friday morning the Lady Dolphins softball team will load up the vans bound for Lake City and uncharted territory.

Call it the next step in an ongoing process. A process that started 6 years ago when Head Coach Brian Wilke took over the Mosley softball team, a team that wasn't really known for success, at least playoff success, until now.

"We've got some room to improve but like I said we are starting to get better and better and I feel good about it and we're not peeking but we are almost there."

That was coach Wilke discussing the way his team is currently playing, but could also be a metaphor for the program in itself, as which is coming off the program's first region semifinal win and thus, first ever visit to the region finals.

But the program's goal, like this season, does not stop there,

"It's getting to the point where all phases are starting to click and hopefully we'll keep it on a run for three more games"

Never playing in the Elite 8 before doesn't take away from these girls confidence, a trait they earned throughout the year,

"These girls have played so much softball, they played in big games in the summer, they played in championships in the summer, they have been involved in big games in districts and they've played...our district is one of the toughest in the state. The pressure has been on them and they'll be ready and I think they are up for the task."

Along with confidence, there also is a selfless relationship within the team, says pitcher Jill Johnson. "It's a good thing to make the Senior's proud and have something to be proud of when they graduate."

It would be an experience, Johnson adds this close group of girls is looking forward to.

"It's the tightest bond I've ever had. We are like one big family and we all love each other and it's been a great year for us."

A great year that could become even greater.

The girls get on the bus Friday morning at 9:30 for the trip east and Friday night's game against Columbia.