Mosley Travels To Jacksonville Area Monday In Advance Of Tuesday Playoff Game

Jacksonville, FL---Another baseball road trip of sorts is under way for the Mosley baseball team, and it involves an overnight trip.

Usually in the first few playoff rounds, teams don't spend the night on the road, they just go, play and come back.

The Dolphins though with a more than four hour trip to the Jacksonville area for Tuesday's 5A region final game at Clay in Green Cove Springs. And coach Todd Harless feels it's better to travel the day before, here's why.

"Well it's the same thing we did last year" Harless told me Monday afternoon from Jacksonville "and we had some success with it. You know anytime you play four or five hours away from home, you don't want to drive that morning, then get over here and try to find some place to hit batting practice and then go play the game. Then everything feels rushed and the kids will be exhausted and wore out. What we like to do is get here early enough to practice at a nice place, today we practiced at the University of North Florida, you know get a little work in."

And then the team is better rested for Tuesday night's game, the coach believes. He adds taking them out of town pulls them away from the many distractions that might hamper a teenage baseball player, like school and girlfriend problems.

That game Tuesday night at Clay is set for 7 o'clock eastern.