Mosley Works Through Spring Under New Coach

Lynn Haven, FL---Friday was day three of spring drills for teams across the state and our area.

One of the 8 local squads working this spring under the watchful eye of a new head coach, the Mosley Dolphins. Jeremy Brown now running the show over there, succeeding Perry Brown who took his deferred retirement option.

The new coach Brown working for several weeks at Mosley, so he's had a little time to get to know the environment and his new players. As for the mission over the three weeks of spring, that's pretty simple.

"Really just trying to see what we've got," says coach Brown "check out depth, you know what I mean. See how tough we are. I think that's an area that every team can get better in. We want to get tougher, we want to play faster, play smarter. So we're just gonna coach those three areas and pour into the kids on and off the field. And evaluate at the end of spring and we'll know our depth going into the fall and know what positions we've really got to focus on this summer."

Mosley will play in the Bay County jamboree on the 17th.