Mosley's Dixon Dominating on the Field and the Hardwood

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Lynn Haven, FL---It's common for kids to play multiple sports in high school.

It's rare to see them dominate in each. Mosley's Nat Dixon is doing just that!

As a wide receiver and safety for the football team and a forward for the Dolphin's hoops squad, he's catching the eyes of college coaches for both sports.

Whether he's elevating for the slam, or rising for the catch, Nat Dixon's guaranteed to do something special with the ball, and he's got the numbers to back it up.

Nat's football statistics are as impressive as they sound when they come from the senior standout. "I believe it was 52 receptions, about 1,030 yards, and 14 touchdowns," says Dixon.

As Dolphins basketball head coach Chris Martello points put, his basketball numbers are just as eye catching. "28.5 points a game last year. He's one of the top scorers in the state of Florida, not just in the area, but the whole state," says Martello. "And Nat's the best basketball player-I've been doing this for about 20 years now. He's the best basketball player that I've coached."

Jeremy Brown just finished his first season as the head coach of Mosley's football team, and he expressed how happy he was to work with a kid like Dixon. "He's one of those once-in-a-lifetime kind of guys, because he's got the size, he's 6'4". But his athleticism is through the roof. I mean, he can jump, he's got great hands. I think the thing with Nat, which a lot of recruiters really like is he's got great body control to be such a big kid, and that comes from basketball."

The toughest part of the two sport grind? Keeping off the injury list.

"It's challenging staying healthy," says Dixon. "You've got to take care of your body going back and forth and back and forth. You got to stay on top of your grades, too."

Nat the wideout has received interest from Florida State, Boston College, and Indiana, with numerous scholarship offers from the likes of South Florida and Western Kentucky. While Nat the swingman is in talks with FSU, BC, IU, Maryland, and many more.

So which sport does he want to play?

"Right now, basketball, because I'm in season, but, I mean if I go out right now and go to the football field, it would probably change. I really enjoy both though. I love the game, so it's about the same passion."

His coaches know Nat will be set, no matter what he decides.

"If he decides to go football, I'm sure the basketball team will have him," says Martello. "If he decides to go basketball, I'm sure the football team will look at him, too."

"The sky's the limit for that kid, whatever he decides to do," says Brown. "Whether it's football, basketball, soccer, tennis. I think the kid could probably go out there and swim and be really good at it because that's just who he is."

Time's ticking for Nat to make a decision, football signing day is February 5. Division One hoops signing date is May 21.