Murphy Prepares for Second Start as Florida Qb.

Gainesville, FL---Saturday marks the second start for Florida's junior q-b Tyler Murphy, that happens in the Swamp against Arkansas.

Murphy certainly making a good showing in his first start at Kentucky saying all of last week was a great learning experience.

"Last week I started off, practice went kind of rough for me." Murphy says. "I caught myself trying to do too much. A lot of guys came up to me and told me we're with you don't have to try and take over a game, and stuff like that. Just do what you've always done. So you know just going out there and getting the experience of being the starter really helped. I'm starting to get used to the speed of the game."

That Arkansas game Saturday at 6 central, and it's obvious the oddsmakers are liking Murphy, the Gators are favored by 11.