Muschamp Pushing His Defense to Get Even Better

Gainesville, FL-- The Florida Gators are keeping it in conference play and taking it on the road this weekend. They play at Kentucky.

Certainly a lot of eyes will be on qb. Tyler Murphy as he makes his first start, and plays for the first time away from the Swamp.

Coach Muschamp will continue to focus big time on his defense which just may be among the best in the nation, though coach says there's always room for improvement, and says his guys know and embrace that!

"Anytime you watch the tape, in my opinion, you look at plays that you gave up because of eye control, alignment, assignment. Whatever the case may be. It's one thing when you're getting beat physically. It's another thing when you're getting beat on something that can be controllable. And that's what I try to always point out to the players; this is a correctable mistake. If it's a talent issue or a scheme issue, it's on us. But when we give up a play because we don't have our eyes in the right spot or we're guessing on a route, those are things that we need to correct it, and that's what the players see."

That Florida-Kentucky game set for 6 central, the Gators go in 13 point favorites.