Muschamp Talks About His Second Camp in Gainesville

Gainesville, FL--Things certainly are different the second time around for Florida Head Coach Will Muschamp. It's safe to say even his team's preseason practice schedule is different from a year ago.

Coach Muschamp attributes that to a couple of factors!

"We've had to do a lot less cross training as far as positions on both sides of the ball." Muschamp says. "So our depth is much better. We've stayed healthier, knock on wood, throughout camp. We've had some injuries unfortunately but certainly not to the extent of a year ago. It seems like last year, I set all the practice schedules before camp and then you adjust as you go based on your numbers, based on how the team is doing, based on fatigue or whatever the issues are. I've had to adjust very little this year as opposed to last year. I had a lot of red ink on the practice schedules."

Will says Mike Gilleslee will be the feature running back for the Gators heading into the season, Driskell and Brissett continue to share the first team reps, 50-50, Florida's final preseason scrimmage coming Tuesday afternoon.

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