Muschamp Talks About Offensive Improvement

Gainesville, FL---Will Muschamp and his Gators are looking ahead to game number five and a trip to Nashville to face Vandy Saturday.

As it happens, those Gators are still unbeaten going into that trip, thanks to the stellar defensive effort which led to the 16-6 win over LSU.

Certainly coach Muschamp happy about the victory, and that defense, but he's also plenty concerned about being much more productive on offense. Florida running the ball on 17 of 18 plays on it's two td. drives.

"We need to improve on creating more balance offensively," says Muschamp "but it's a combination of things, if it's route running route concepts, getting rid of the football at the right place, taking the ball to the right place, protection, there's a lot of things that go into that and we just need to continue to work on that.

That game in Nashville set for 5 central, the Gators are favored by 8.