Muschamp Talks About Start of Spring Next Week

Gainesville, FL---Believe it or not it's just about time for spring football. The Gators open up drills a week from Wednesday.
To say the least it's a very important spring for Will Muschamp, who's survival at Florida depends on a big bounce-back season.

Muschamp Tuesday taking to the mikes to talk about spring, and the need for guys who were considered "young" last season, and part of a 4-8 season, to step up big time in the workouts ahead!

"A lot of those guys emerged through adversity." Muschamp said Tuesday. "You find out about the guys who really want to be a part of the program when you go through something like that. And those guys that are here are working their butts off and I a great work ethic, and I see great resolve within the group. And I see accountability within the team. And that's something you look for every day. You know being a leader's hard, because sometimes, you can be a leader on Tuesday and on Wednesday, you don't feel good. You can't be a leader in those situations. It's an every day thing. It's a 24-7, 365 job."

It's logical to believe 4 or 5 losses this fall will force Muschamp out, and that's with a schedule that includes games against Bama, FSU, Missouri, LSU, South Carolina and Georgia.