Muschamp Works to Find Answers for Florida's Ineffecitive Passing Game

Gainesville, FL--Will Muschamp continues to try and fix a dysfunctional group of Gators as they prepare for homecoming against Vanderbilt.

Florida now 4-4 after the loss to Georgia. That a game that saw the Florida defense give up two first quarter touchdowns, but only 3 field goals the rest of the way. Still that was enough to get them beat 23-20.

The Gators did hit a deep ball early themselves but couldn't find success deep the rest of the way, coach Muschamp asked this week about the failure yet again for any kind of consistent downfield passing game.

"Well again it's not one thing that you can put your hand on and say this is it. Whether it's a route run standpoint, they take away coverage or they roll up on it, you've got to check the ball down. Or go back to the other side. There's protection, we had an over route open late in the game that we missed, you've gotta hit that ball, it's a big gainer or a possible touchdown. Just, to me it's different things. We've got to, when we get those opportunities we've got to cash in on them."

The Vandy game Saturday set for 11 central. The Gators desperately need that win for any realistic bowl potential!