Muschamp Talks About His Team's QB Competition

Sandestin, FL-- Certainly the talk of a four team football playoff the major topic of conversation at the SEC spring meetings at the Sandestin Hilton this week.

The coaches on hand though are also talking about their teams, the recently completed spring drills, the season ahead, and more timely, how their players need to work through the summer months.

Tuesday I spoke about that with Will Muschamp, and in particular, how the two quarterbacks competing for the Gators starting job, Jacoby Brissett and Jeff Driskell, need to put in the time in the next 8 weeks.

"Well that's gonna be a huge part, and a little bit of my decision," says Muschamp "that's why were not ready to make a decision, because they had not created enough distance between themselves, number one. But number two their competition is gonna make our offensive football team better this summer. It's critical to see how they handle our team through the summer because it is up to them. Those guys are competitors, I love seeing those guys compete. It's one thing you really appreciate, I think our football team really appreciates their competition. At the end of the day I think they know the most important thing is our football team improving and getting better."

Muschamp says Brissett is perhaps more of a vocal leader, Jeff a more tireless worker. which Will says, are complimentary leadership skills. He says he can't wait until they're all back on the field together come August getting ready for the 2012 season.

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