NCAA Committee Proposes Slowing Down Fast Paced Attacks

An NCAA football rules committee has proposed a change that would allow defenses to substitute within the first 10 seconds of the 40-second play clock, with the exception of the final two minutes of each half.

Offenses would not be allowed to snap the ball until 29 seconds are left on the play clock.

The proposed change is in response to no-huddle offenses, like those run by Auburn, Clemson, and Oregon, among others, that don't allow defenses to substitute. The committee maintains the rule change would be designed to enhance player safety.

Some high profile coaches, like Nick Saban, have lobbied for such a change. Saban's detractors say he simply doesn't like the pace of offenses like Auburn that prevent him from substituting defenders according to the situation.

The rules committee is also proposing a change to the so called targeting rule that would eliminate the 15-yard penalty when instant replay officials overturn an ejection.

Last year, when a targeting penalty was called, the 15-yard penalty stood even if the replay official determined the player should be allowed to stay in the game.

The proposal needs approval from the playing rules oversight panel which meets March 8th.