NCAA Reportedly To Table Idea of Slowing Offenses Down

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There's good news on the college football front, at least for 2014, as it appears there will be no deliberate "slow-down" of offenses.

Teams like Oregon and Auburn who run really fast paced attacks will not have to deal with a 10-second defensive substitution rule after every play.

Sources telling the A.P. the NCAA Football Rules Committee will table a scheduled vote set for Thursday on that 10-second rule proposal.

That proposal would have prohibited snapping the ball until at least 10 seconds run off the 40-second play clock, allowing defenses to substitute. A penalty would be called if the ball was snapped within that ten second time-frame. The only exceptions would be in the final two minutes of each half and if the play clock began at 25 seconds.

A recent survey of all 128 FBS coaches showed 73 percent were opposed to the proposal and just 19 in favor of it.