Niceville Eagles Among Area Teams Playing Friday

Niceville, FL-- Several teams in our area are getting set for their preseason classics Friday. There are three games over in Okaloosa county on tap.

Among them, the Niceville Eagles will be hosting Washington. Expect a large crowd on hand for that one, they always pack the stadium there. We asked coach Hicks what fans can expect to see in terms of the game plan for the home team.

"Well we just really want to see where we're at as a team." says coach Hicks. "We're scrimmaging against ourselves, the offense has a good day we think the defense is terrible and vice versa. You know going against an opponent it will be good just to see, to evaluate where we're at, evaluate where each player is and you know. And usually the first two or three games we have to make one or two personnel moves, just to get people in the right place, that's the kind of thing we're gonna look for."

That game set for 7, it will be among the highlights we'll be showing you tonight at ten.