North Bay Haven Works Towards Spring Finale

Panama City, FL---It's the final week of spring work for the North Bay Haven football squad, and they hope to end spring this week with a good showing in their spring game Thursday at Bozeman.

Coach Jared Hale leading a group of between 30 and 35 on the varsity level, going into what will be the second year of varsity play for that program.

Hale telling me he's keeping things pretty simple here in spring, as they turn over some key positions, including quarterback.

"We've been really pleased." coach Hale says. "The guys have had a great attitude since the first day we've been out here. Great intensity. The guys have been really excited to just get better every day and that's our goal. Whatever position you play, receiver, lineman, if you come out here with the right mindset, positive attitude, like you're gonna get better every single day, it's gonna help your team get better. And I couldn't be prouder of the group of guys I've got right now."

The Buc's will travel up to Bozeman for that spring game Thursday night, it's set to begin at 6 o'clock.

We'll visit with the other Bucks, those of the Bozeman variety, Wednesday night.