O'Leary Healed Up After Terrible Motorcycle Accident

Tallahassee, FL---Quite simply it's one of those accidents that leaves you wondering how the victim walked away relatively unscathed!

FSU Tight End Nick O'Leary survived a rather horrific looking motorcycle accident that actually occurred in early May. It's hard to believe we're just seeing the video of it now, as captured by a Tallahassee city bus camera.

The crash report states a Lexus pulled out in front of O'Leary on Mission Road in Tally.

O'Leary's bike slammed into the car sending him flying forward and the bike into the front of the bus.

Amazingly O'Leary got up and walked around after this crash, and though did go to a hospital, had no serious injuries.

Coach Fisher told the press earlier this month about the incident saying "he wrecked the doggone scooter, and was banged up for about a month." Fisher reports Nick is healed up and ready for camp to open up in just over a week.