Outdoor Expo and In-Water Boat Show Back at Bay Point

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL- Outdoor enthusiasts, and boat lovers will be in for a treat this weekend as the annual Bay Point Outdoor Expo and In-Water boat show makes a return trip to the area.

The expo and boat show has been a big hit over the last five years, as all kinds of attractions are on display for spectators. Over the years the expo and boat show has grown, and it's become an early spring staple for the area. Again this year a treat to kick off the show, Ronald Jarmon, of Island Express, landing his Symphony 160 plane on the golf course at Bay Point. He had some fans enjoying the landing. That plane and pretty much every kind of outdoor vehicle and vessel will be on display this starting Friday and running through Sunday.

Bay Point Marina Director Steve Arndt said, "We've got a little something for everybody. The whole family will enjoy this. We've got everything from trailerable boats, bigger boats, port fishers, kayaks. But we've also got RV's on display. We've got scuba divers. And everything up to and including airplanes."

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