PCB Pirates Take Must Win Matchup Over Orlando City

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Panama City Beach, FL---The Panama City Beach Pirates are approaching the end of their quest.

With only four games left in the season, the team's hoping to land where the X marks the spot on their calendars, round one of the playoffs.

Entering Saturday night four points behind a postseason spot in the standings, PCB took the pitch against Orlando City as the sun set at Gavlak Stadium, while their fans hoped the team's chances don't set in a must win match.

In the highlights attached above, the Pirates are in the red jerseys. In the 16th minute, Alassane Kane attacking, shoots on target, but is stopped by the keeper. Yet Kane rebounds and finds the goal to give Panama City Beach a 1-0lead.

In the 22nd minute, Orlando goes on the move, while Anthony Arico goes in for the tackle but gets called for the foul. The ensuing free kick crosses into the box, but Sean Lewis is there to bring it in.

Lewis excelled while his counterpart in the oppositie pipes his counterpart was called for an illegal touch in the 32nd minute. That led to a free kick in the box rifled in the net by Ricky Hoegg to put the Pirates ahead 2-0.

The home team preserved the lead in the second half, pocketing three needed points winning 2-0.

The victory leaves PCB just one point back of second place.