PGA Tour Qualfier This Week at Hombre

Panama City Beach, FL---For 21st year the Hombre Golf Club in Panama City Beach is hosting a Second Stage PGA Tour Qualifier, with that event taking place this week.

77 golfers are at the Hombre hoping to advance to the final stage to land a spot on either the PGA or Web-dot-Com tours.

72 holes, starting Wednesday and running through Saturday. Brad Fabel is the Tour official overseeing the show this week.

"I think the course is firming up. If we don't get any rain, I think the course will play fairly quick. And I think the forecast is for dry weather. So we expect the course to play pretty fast. And the greens should firm up a little bit as the week goes on."

Basically the top 20 here will move on to the final Qualifier, and take a big step closer to that PGA Tour card.

Wednesday we'll visit with one player in for this qualifier who at one point held the Saturday lead at this year's U.S. Open, John Petersen his name.

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