Panama City Seminole Club Contributes to New Facility

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We are just 23 days away from summer practice and thus, the beginning of the greatest time of year.

And though most teams are excited to get on the field, the Florida State Seminoles are even more excited as they get to open the doors to their brand new practice facility on August 6th.

Also known as the Albert Dunlap Athletic Training Facility, this building is nothing short of impressive.

It took nearly six years to complete the 92,000 square foot project, costing a little more than 15 million dollars.

And according to their President Elect, Chris Smith, the Panama City Seminole Club raised nearly $100,000 but says they are not done yet,

"Well it's an ongoing process. We continue to fundraise. We still have about 20 thousand dollars left on our pledge. So what that means is that we continue to do fun events and use the proceeds of those events to gradually pay down our obligation. But yeah, we're almost there, we're 80% of the way."

And since this facility is built to keep the team out of thunderstorms, it's only fitting that Chief Meteorologist Chris Smith be one of the first from Panama City to see it.

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