Panama City's Thornton Working and Studying Hard in Green Bay

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Green Bay, WI---Former Bay Tornado star Khyri Thornton is approaching the end of his first week of prep alongside his Packers teammates for the 2014 season.

The third round pick out of Southern Miss is grinding hard in the trenches, looking to prove he can contribute to a team ready to win now, and a fan base that expects nothing less.

"I have to earn my time on the field because everyone puts their work in, everybody goes through this whole rookie process, everybody may not play at first," says Thornton. "So I'm just waiting my turn and regardless of whatever I'm doing, I really just want to help the team, whether it be special teams, whether it be defense, whether it be a backup, whether it be a reserve, whether it be scout team. I'm actually grateful and blessed to be in the position I am. For the Packers fans out there, they have a lot of hope for me and I have a lot of high expectations for myself. I keep my head in my playbook, do the things I'm supposed to, and hopefully you'll see me out on the field."

As Khyri transitions from the NCAA to the NFL, he's studying his playbook like it's nobody's business, which is a little bit more complex from the one he ran during his college days.

"Southern Miss' playbook is like cake compared to Green Bay's playbook. Everything means something different. One call might sound the same as another call, but you might have to do something totally opposite of what you thought you were doing. And if you're willing to learn, if you're willing to keep your head in the playbook three or four hours a day when you're not supposed to, that's the easiest way to get a hold of it. I'm getting in the playbook so hopefully I can help my team win a lot of games this year."

Khyri's first preseason game is August 9th in Tennessee against the Titans.