Panama City Dream Holds 2nd Try-Out

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PANAMA CITY, Fla- The name of the team is the Panama City Dream, and the team's goal is to bring basketball entertainment to Bay County, and also give hoopsters a chance to literally live out their dream.

Saturday was the second try-outs for the new ABA Semi-Pro franchise that is set to start play in December. Two members of the team have already signed, and all these guys are trying to join them on the 12 man roster.

More than 25 guys trying out today for owner A.J Stallworth at the boy's and girl's club of Bay County.

Team Owner A.J. Stallworth said, "We invited 7 guys back, to give them another look. Actually a couple of the guys are doing really well. I feel that the Dream will be okay with the group of guys we have right now."

Stallworth says he could possibly sign 4 to 6 more players from this weekend's try-outs, and he has 3 other players that he's prepared to sign that were not in attendance.

Also the team is still looking for dance team members to fill their 10 person squad, for more you can visit the team website at:

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