Panhandle Conference hosts it's annual mens' basketball media day at Chipola

To basketball now and Chipola Wednesday hosting the annual Panhandle Conference men's basketball media day. An event that allows all the league's coaches to gather with the media outlets in the region that cover the conference's teams. We're now just over a week away from the start of the regular season and after weeks of working out and scrimmaging, no doubt the men in this room are ready to tip it off and play for real.

Jake Headrick
Chipola Head Coach

"You know just saying that I'm excited and I hope the Chipola Nation is ready because I feel like, we enter the season ranked number 8 in the country to our guys you know, that's not where they wanna be, or where they want to end up. But I'm looking forward to the support this year and I think it's gonna be a fun group to watch."

Joe Richardson
NWF State Head Coach

"I think we're ready, we played 8 preseason games. I think they're very, very excited. I know that they're tired of beating up on each other and they're ready to try and play against some other competiton."

Again the regular season begins the end of the first week in November.

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