Paxton Baseball Set For Uncharted Territory

Paxton, FL---Paxton's head baseball coach the excitement level is understandably high as he and his team prepare to head to Fort Myers for the program's first ever trip to the state finals.

Chris Davenport telling me by phone Thursday he's never even been down to watch the state finals, so this is a new experience for all involved with Paxton baseball.

Coach Davenport says it is a very exciting time for them, the players are thrilled to charting this new territory, but he adds they've stayed focused on what he calls the business trip ahead.

He says the team set winning the region as a preseason goal, now with that accomplished, they want to take advantage and try to win it all.

Davenport adding the baseball players watch the girls basketball team get it's state championship rings Wednesday and that was a nice reminder of what's at stake.

The coach telling us the team will practice again Friday and Saturday morning, then head south after graduation Saturday afternoon.

Paxton at 20-4, faces Williston in the 1A state semi's Monday afternoon in Fort Myers.

Chipley faces Lafayette in the other semi Monday at 10 a.m. eastern.