Pirates Dominate Tampa, Start off 2-0

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Panama City Beach, FL-- The Panama City Beach Pirates jump out to a 2-0 record as they beat the Tampa Bay Flames 4-1 Friday Night.

The video attached should show the following highlights:

To Mike Gavlak Sports Complex where Captain Jack was leading the team on to the field.

Flames were threatening in the first half as they throw it from the side....Ball gets missed by a couple players, headed by another until it's teed up perfectly for Jean Jacques.

1-0 flames.

Still in the first, Pirates pushing Nasser Charif goes mano e mano and comes out on top with a smooth shot upstairs.

Game equalized at 1.

A few minutes later the Pirates keep the foot on the gas as Michael Lightbourne, not to be confused with Gordon Lightfoot, shows his light feet and gets the goal.

It would be all Pirates from there on out.

They start the season off 2-0 and will play again on Sunday versus Ocala.