Pirates On Wrong Side of Comeback, Fall to Ocala

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Panama City Beach, FL---With only five matches remaining entering Sunday night, the Panama City Beach Pirates are looking to keep playoff hopes alive, despite sitting in fifth in their division.

Their challenge at Gavlak on the evening was the first place Ocala Stampede and the visitors felt at home early.

In just the third minute, a corner ends up in the box and off the boot of Karamba Johnae for the first goal.

Then it's Johnae getting the foul in the box in the 25th minute. That leads to a penalty kick from Ilija Ilich. Keeper Sean Lewis guesses right, but it's still good, which is bad for the Pirates. They're down 2-0.

But PCB doesn't give up. In the 41st minute, Mike Annarumma comes up with the steal and then just makes scoring look so easy. Pirates are on the board, but down 2-1.

Just two minutes later, the ball goes ahead to Ricky Hoegg, who changes direction, shoots off the left foot, and it's in to tie the ball game, all just before the half.

It means new life for the Pirates, but they keep the attack going. In stoppage time, Annarumma crosses, and Adi Kavara finishes, using his head to put the Pirates ahead 3-2 at the break.

Yet Ocala scores two goals unanswered, the winner in stoppage time 4-3.

PCB's record moves now to 2-5-3.